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Au Revoir Hot hello Cold

sunny 28 °C

Last few days before we head off back home. These last few days have gone like a rocket. Quite a bit cooler today and expect the same tomorrow. Only around 28 degrees. Overnight low tonight is 15 about 10 degrees lower than it has been, what is that about? Perhaps to lessen the shock of coming home.
Enjoyed our hotel here with the lovely pool. It's a long weekend here so the pool is busier and odd groups kinda take over with loud music which is a little annoying, especially if you are trying to rest, read and relax.
Simon wouldn't mind starting back at work with half days, it will be quite traumatic ... Early star, alarm clock .... Etc oh well that's another week away yet.
Thanks for reading the blog, we've enjoyed sharing our travels and photos.
Best bits - when traveling every day and staying in different beds - love having clean sheets
Enjoyed variety of seeing cities, quaint country, coastal sea views and desert heat of palm springs
Met a few interesting people
Cheerios for breakfast - my new faves
Learnt to play shuffleboard
Being able to chat to family on viber
Quirky little towns along highway 49
Worst bits - some awful pillows out there
Had a moment of stress when the petrol light was on yellow and the gps told us we still had 10 minutes to the gas station
Packing, packing, packing
Perhaps the visa bill when we get home!

I think smiler will be checking out leave availability when he is back at work!

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Warm regards from Palm Springs

sunny 36 °C

Thought we better update this last part of the holiday. We have added in a few photos. It's not all sitting round the pool, we've had to go out to eat and check out the shops.
On the coastal pacific highway we were listening to Pirate FM radio. Now we are in Palm Springs it is 99.5 The Heat!
First few days have been around the 40 degree or late 30s, and 5% humidity. It is cooling down and only reached 38 today and expecting 29 on Friday. Where is my cardy?
Simon has had his malt from Rubys. We've eaten at the Cheesecake Factory but Penny wasn't working. Funnily enough the waiter who served us when we were here last July was our server again and remembered Smiler. What are the chances!
The last few days have flown by, before we know it, Sunday will arrive and we will be checking in at the airport! Dammit!

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Coffee Heaven

sunny 27 °C

Finally a decent coffee. We get our coffee from a place one block from the hotel - Koffi and it is the best. It won best coffee 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. We decided to change our names for coffee. At Starbucks yesterday we each said our names for the coffee - Sahara and Symone so for coffee purposes we will be Bob and Lucy. We will see how that goes. This morning Simon went and the queue was pretty long. It's worth it.
It truly is the nicest coffee since we left Auckland and worth a blog mention.
Weather update it is 8am and 27 degrees warm. Heaven.
Happy Birthday Ross 21 May have a good one!

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Hot Off The Press

sunny 40 °C

After leaving Morro Bay as champions (shuffleboard and pool) we took the highway to first stop San Luis Obispo where we were told to check out the Madonna Inn. A larger than life hotel that has the biggest most way out themed rooms and amenities. Smiler checked out the bathrooms and we put a photo in. You should check out their website: www.madonnainn.com it is worth a look.
We passed through the smallest place the day before - Harmony population 18 - maybe they don't get on much!
Had lunch in Solvang - some say more Danish than Denmark. Windmills and Danish inspired architecture everywhere. We happened upon a flamenco show in the park. Smiler suggested having a Danish danish which was divine.
Another scenic drive along the coast to Ventura and our bed for the night. Had a seafood dinner at a restaurant on the pier.

This morning continued along the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu (spotted seals frolicking in the sea even though it was a little foggy).
On to Santa Monica and then I10 EB and then 60 through Pomona to Palm Springs. We stopped at Moreno for a coffee and a change of the driving crew.

Arrived at Palm Springs 2ish and it was 40 deg 5%humidity just spot on. Been for a swim, been to Ralph's supermarket for cider and beer, been to dinner and plotting shopping strategy. About 9.30pm and it's dropped to 37, overnight low of 24. We will need snow suits in akl when we return home!

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Monterey to Morro Bay

sunny 19 °C

Not far from Monterey is Pebble Beach where a round of golf will set you back $450.00, needless to say we didn't play around in Monterey.
Also not far is Carmel by the Sea, whose famous ex-Mayor was Clint Eastwood. If you are in to art then this is the place for you. Every second shop is a gallery.
The coast road (highway 1) is the way to go. Especially round Big Sur area, windy roads, high up, narrow roads and we saw over 120 cyclists over the period of 100 odd miles to Morro Bay. Bit hairy at times but luckily smiler had me to point out both the signs pointing out 20 miles round the corner and what speed he was doing ie slow down! 20 is the limit not the target!
Called in to Hearst Castle, bit of a blue, should have booked and since it was a bit of a wait ie couple of hours figured we would see it next time we pass. A large beach with truckloads of elephant seals also broke the trip, when we first spotted it the beach seemed like it had a heap of dead fish washed up on it.
In Morro Bay took a stroll around and ended up in a bar - Legends. The first local picked our accent correctly. The second couple offered to teach us shuffleboard. So Smiler and I took on Janet (principal of the local elementary school who reminded us of Molly from Mike and Molly) and her partner Steve who works in construction and was born and raised in the area. With a combination of luck and luck we won. Pretty cool game that smiler says reminds him of bowls. On to a game of pool and again even though we were playing "Scottish" rules we won again! It is the only bar we've been in to with a moose head on the wall and a st Bernard dog greeting each patron. Janet pointed out the local Mayor and said the bar was their equivalent of the cheers bar where everyone knows your name. Cute for a town with a population of 10,000.

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